Hey, guys. I'm making this blog to share my thought on the metaphor of the Seeker, Revenge, and Screamer from the second game.

You already may know that the three puppets from the first game represents the criminal's victims - The Follower represents the police officer, the Greeter represents the little girl, and the Waiter represents the police's dog.

According to my thought on the Seeker, Revenge, and Screamer, it totally make sense - The trio represents the family members I think. The Seeker represents the father, the Revenge represents the mother, and the Screamer represents the child/son. Whenever the Screamer notice the player, he'll shriek to alarm the Seeker or the Revenge to come here. It is very much like a child calling for their parents. Even though this is just my speculation (and I'm planning to create the "speculation" template soon).

Share your thoughts and post your comments here to show how the trio from the second game symbolized to you.

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