aka Maleah

  • I live in Taco Bell or Disocrd or Roblox tf
  • My occupation is idk but servez is my gf :))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  • I am lol Female
  • FollowerGreeterWaiter

    My Apologies

    December 16, 2016 by FollowerGreeterWaiter

    Well ok, I'm sorry for being gone for a long while, I had other things to do, but I'll be active as possible. But, I will say, I enjoy being here, thats all. Bye. :P

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  • FollowerGreeterWaiter

    Mobile Wiki?

    November 25, 2016 by FollowerGreeterWaiter

    I wonder if we edit the mobile, I already did half the main page. I might edit more, I don't know.

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  • FollowerGreeterWaiter

    So, Mr. Hunter has been scrapped and STAYED that way, although Wilbium's official remix of Follow Greet Wait Repeat ended with a sort of alpha like Hunter modeling test. I really thought it was from when he was in the first game so I searched to make sure; but the comments contained something that you guys need to know.

    So I'm sure this is no joke. Demon Elephant Lord is on its way.

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  • FollowerGreeterWaiter

    Speak Up

    October 23, 2016 by FollowerGreeterWaiter

    Ok seems that nobody is ever using this anymore, and a game like that dosen't deserve such a thing.

    I feel so lonely wrighting this, knowing your reading it, but not many others are.

    So here are my goals for the wikia, the founder must be dead, so this is my requests to the managers.

    1. Add a rules page.

    2. Get rid of the non-related photos and videos

    3. Be more active

    I don't mean to be bossy, no, not in any way. But I know a lot of this still has to be done.

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