You find yourself confused with blood on your hands in a dark house with only a flashlight to guide you.
— The Steam description of the game, describing the protagonist.
Tim Denson is the main protagonist of 123 Slaughter Me Street 2 and 123 Slaughter Me Street 1, as well as the creator of the Foggel Friends show.


He is a Caucasian man with black hair, and undershirt, black pants, and small nearly-visible stubble later on in the cutscene he is shown in.


He appears quite calm at first, but becomes corrupted and mentally insane when the Nightmare tells him to slay his own daughter, and turn himself into a killer afterwards.


From the opening intro, Tim Denson worked inside his basement as he started inventing puppets. While working to make puppets for the show, the horned puppet from the cabinet (presumably the Nightmare) spoke to him. He suddenly stopped working when his daughter came into his basement from upstairs. While approaching his daughter, he became mentally ill as the Nightmare urged him to kill his daughter, which he did.


  • Tim Denson's name was based on "Jim Henson", the original creator of The Muppets Show and Sesame Street.
  • Many people think that the criminal is Tim Denson, this was confirmed to be true.
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