"'Mr.Pig", better known as "Demon 'Mr.Pig", is a pig-like puppet monster that will appear in 123 Slaughter Me Street 3. He is also assumed to be a demonic variant of the regular puppet known as Mr. Pig, who has never appeared anywhere in the series.


His normal self, while wearing his masquerade, is unknown. Although, he is a pig-based puppet wearing a chef's hat, a jacket, a pair of gloves, and a polka-dotted bowtie.

His true form without his masquerade is much sinister-looking with his face covered by few warts, soulless black eyes, and a mouth possessing canine fangs. It is unknown what he symbolizes or what role he will take in the game.


  • Mr. Pig may be based on the character that appears in the silent French 1900's film The Dancing Pig, which is seen from the TV in the second game. Both are pigs, wear similar clothing, and have canine fangs (as seen where the pig character laughs at the end of the short film).
  • Mr. Pig is the first character franchise that is not a version of the characters from the first game.
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