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The Seeker,The Greeter (Revenge), and the Screamer are all active in this level, except that their A.I.'s are 10% higher than Level 5: Flashing Screams.


Nothing interesting about the level itself, except that after completing it, The Nightmare appears and says the following lines:

"Brought up, you did, in Mulciber-mind...From the Stygian pit, a darker kind..."


-The Nightmare, Level 6

Something interesting to note is that The Nightmare involved Roman and possibly Greek mythology in his second poetic rhyme in the game. Stygian normally refers to two things: the Styx River and something being very dark. If The Nightmare is referring to the Styx River, then we can say that Tim is in purgatory, since the Styx River is located between Earth and the Underworld, or "Hades." In the case of dying and being reborn in the afterlife, Tim is in between heaven and Hades, just like the Styx River.

If The Nightmare is using Stygian as in "very dark," the scenario can also make sense. Tim Denson is the founder of Foggel Friends. One night, his daughter, "First Name Unknown" Denson goes in the basement while Tim is down there. The Nightmare corrupts his mind and makes Tim kill his daughter. Let's say that nightmares come from a "dark pit" in your mind. Nightmares aren't supposed to be happy; they're supposed to be scary. Since "Nightmare" is The Nightmare's name, The Nightmare can be considered as a 'dark creature from the Stygian pit', but in this case the dark pit is Tim's mind: "from the Stygian pit, a darker kind...."

Going to the word Mulciber, it is found to mean "smelter," which is "an installation or factory for smelting a metal from its ore." Mulciber in Roman mythology is the god of fire and metallurgy, Vulcan. If you go to the shed outside, it will open up, revealing fire. Nightmare is in the fire, saying "I am pain. I am torture. I am death." If we use FNaF and Mulciber as a little guide, we'd find that the SMS1 characters that are located in different places around the house are actually animatronic puppets, including The Nightmare: "Mulciber-mind..."

Now that we have an idea about The Nightmare's rather befuddling rhyme, let's talk about the Stygian in reference to the "nightmare" puppets. If we again use Stygian as in "very dark," and if we use FNaF 1 and 4 as a reference, then we can definitely see a connection between the quote and the puppets. For example, in SMS2, the Seeker is a nightmare version of The Follower. In FNaF 4, Nightmare Freddy is a nightmare version of Freddy Fazbear. Same goes for all other characters in both games(Bonnie is Nightmare Bonnie, Greeter is Greeter[Revenge], etc.). The quote "from the Stygian pit" probably means Tim Denson's mind, referring back to "Mulciber-mind." After his corruption, his mind became dark and evil; a darkened pit of nothing but nightmares and hallucinations(mentioned in Level 4: Turbulence). Maybe Tim thought about the Follower, The Greeter, and The Waiter as nightmare versions of themselves; much like Michael in FNaF 4.


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