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The screamer
Flashing Screams
--Level 5

Level 5: Flashing Screams is the 5th level in the game 123 Slaughter Me Street 2.


In this level, The Screamer is introduced.


Nothing interesting about the level itself, besides the fact that the level name is Flashing Screams.


Flashing Screams introduces the Screamer. That can be one reason the level name is Flashing Screams. But, if we go deeper, we can see that the level is called Flashing Screams because Tim Denson is hallucinating(If you haven't read Level 4: Turbulence, go check it out). In the last article, we talked about the word turbulence meaning "violent or unsteady movement of air or water, or of some other fluid." If we used turbulence relating to the storm and the piping system we can say this: "The storm affected the piping system in the house, which caused a gas leak." Tim possibly breathed in the bad fumes and started to hallucinate. Though we see nothing wrong in the level, if we look at the Screamer, he looks almost nothing like the Waiter: dog muzzle, hooves, no arms or wings of any sort, tan fur, and tufts of hair on his face. There are two possible reasons: 1) Tim Denson is hallucinating that the real Nightmare Waiter is the Screamer or 2) There is no such thing as a Nightmare Waiter and Tim hallucinates the Screamer to replace him. Following the second reason, it makes more sense, since the Screamer represents a dog; the exact animal Tim killed.