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--Level 4


The Seeker and The Greeter (Revenge) are active. Their A.I. is 10% harder than Level 3: Calm Before the Storm.


In Level 4: Turbulence, the player's flashlight shines a blue light instead of a white one. This makes it a little bit more

SMS2 Parlor 4

Parlor from Level 4

challenging for the player to find hiding spots.


The level name is specifically called "Turbulence". Turbulence can be defined as a "violent or unsteady movement of air or water, or of some other fluid." What if the level is referring to the unsteady movement of oxygen? Maybe something happened with the piping system during the thunderstorm, and there was an air/gas leak. Level 5 is called Flashing Screams. Maybe the storm and the unsteady movement of air caused Tim Denson to hallucinate.