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Calm Before the Storm
  -Level 3

The level is the same as all levels before, but with higher difficulty.

SMS2 Kitchen 3

Kitchen from Level 3


The puppets that have been in level 1 and 2 are in this stage, but they are amped up and a bit more dangerously i.e The Greeter (Revenge)'s A.I(which is at least 20-30%).


There is a Nightmare Poem at the end of the level: "These hands of mine you did not make, much less my breath you stole its shape!" In the level itself, everything is blue(even your flashlight!) aside from the safe spots.


At the end of the level, Nightmare says,

"These hands of mine, you did not make. Much less my breath, you stole this shape!"-The Nightmare
Let's get into the first part of the quote: "These hands of mine, you did not make." This quote is obviously referring to Tim Denson, the criminal and founder of Tim Denson's Foggel Friends. He made the puppets for this TV show. What The Nightmare is saying is that he wasn't made by Tim, but he was made by someone/something else. If you want to find out where he was possibly made, go to Level 6: You've gone too far.

Now for the second part of the quote: "Much less my breath, you stole this shape!" Keeping the fact that Tim didn't make The Nightmare, it can still make sense. Maybe The Nightmare got into the real world using the daughter's drawing of an owl as a portal and snuck into Tim's basement to corrupt him. Then again, going back to Level 6, we said that The Nightmare came from Tim's mind. If we used the FNaF 1--->4 concept(again located on Level 6: You've gone too far), we can say that The Nightmare is a nightmare version of the owl picture on the refrigerator in the kitchen.

Going back to the quote, The Nightmare said that Tim stole his shape. This can mean two things: 1) Tim became a monster just like The Nightmare, but stole his evilness, or 2) Tim literally stole The Nightmare's shape. In my opinion, the second option seems to make more sense. This is because the puppets were originally designed to be robots and suits, like the springlock suits in FNaF. Maybe Tim used The Nightmare's suit to scare someone/something away while the spirit of The Nightmare was still inside."Much less my breath, you stole this shape!"