Demon Greeter is a demonic variant of the regular Greeter that would've appeared in 123 Slaughter Me Street 3.


Demon Greeter has large Gremlin-like ears, and her horns are much shorter than her previous version. She has six small horns on her head, and squinted eyes with black circles around them. She's less bird-like, with her beak resembling more of a long nose. Her fur is only on her thin body, mainly around her neck. Her arms and legs are long and hairless. She has two fangs in her smiling mouth. she holds a mask on a stick that resembles her appearance from the first game.

Follower (Demon) • Greeter (Demon) • Greeter (Revenge)HunterMr. PigNightmareScreamerSeekerWaiter (Demon)

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