A Fan-Made Lyric Video for the song

A Fan-Made Lyric Video for the song

In 2017, Will "DiamondArmadaGames" Ryan had planned on making a song dedicated to 123 Slaughter Me Street 2 song. For an unknown reason, Will had cancelled the song.

Remaining Lyrics

Lurk inside this torture chamber!

Redelivering an extra danger

You will hide but you won't be safer

Why did you do this to her?

Now watch as we intoxicate your chances

Here and there and everywhere we command this

Darkened house with multiple trances

Now you invaded their home, will you leave alive?

Proof of Existence

In December of 2017, Will released a 2017 medley of taking his songs, cancelled or not, and put them in the medley. In the intro to the second verse, the lyrics are as followed in the lyrics, to the tune of Will's Hello Neighbor song "Get Out." He also streamed him creating the song, and clips were re-uploaded to youtube and twitter. The possibility of Will bringing this back is very unlikely, considering he has other, more important projects in the works and Will worked on the 123 SMS 2 Soundtrack and SFX.