Welcome to the 123 Slaughter Me Street Wiki!

Welcome to the 123 Slaughter Me Street Wiki, a Wiki with collectible information that has something to do with the amazing indie horror game series 123 Slaughter Me Street based on Jim Henson's works but mixed with horror elements similar to other horror games such as Silent Hill!

We are currently maintaining 59 articles and 231 files since November 7, 2015.

If you are familiar with this game or even you have not played it, read the whole editing guidelines while getting started. However, please read the rules and guidelines before you are ready to edit!

Read at your own risk, because this Wiki may contain spoilers defiantly unmarked!



Do you think John Kolbek could start developing 123 Slaughter Me Street 3?

The poll was created at 13:02 on February 3, 2017, and so far 155 people voted.




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(Claw Finger from the PS1 game Silent Hill - tribute for the Wiki as well as the game series.)

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